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Guitarmann features worship guitar lessons online for beginners or even experienced players. Join thousands of others who have learned how to play worship guitar with easy worship songs as examples. All of these Christian guitar lessons are family friendly and will help you get better, no matter your skill level. The goal is simple: have fun playing worship guitar. 

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Easy Worship Guitar Online Lessons

Featured in Worship Leader Magazine, Guitarmann is the easiest way to learn worship guitar online. Stephen has received over 4 million views of his guitar lessons, and he has helped worship leaders, dads, moms, kids, and even professional touring musicians learn guitar over the last 10 years of teaching online. 

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testimonial1guitarmann testimonials

"I think the Guitarmann Method is best way for anyone who wants to learn guitar, and I use what I learned nearly EVERY DAY as a worship leader, guitarist, and song writer for Vertical Worship."

guitarmann testimonials jake
Worship Leader & Song Writer for Vertical Worship

testimonial2guitarmann testimonials stars

"Stephen is one of my good friends; someone who has been teaching me lessons on guitar for many years!"

guitarmann testimonials grammy nominated
Building 429: Grammy-nominated; Dove Award Winner

testimonial3guitarmann testimonials grace music

"some very helpful stuff for guitarists from Guitarmann!"

guitarmann testimonials Dir. Sovereign Grace Music
author: Worship Matters; Dir. Sovereign Grace Music

testimonial4Singer Songwriter: Indelible Grace

"Great guitar players aren’t born - it takes hard work; I’m thankful that he’s put together resources for the rest of us to learn."

Singer Songwriter: Indelible Grace
Singer Songwriter: Indelible Grace 


Worship Guitar Courses

No matter your skill level, there is a worship guitar course for you that will help you either get started with guitar or will help you progress further.

Most users start with the Beginner Worship Guitar Course that is designed to get you playing easy guitar worship songs as quickly as possible. You’ll start off by learning all of the basics of guitar and will then learn the most common chords used with guitar.

From there you’ll learn a simple strum pattern that works with thousands of songs. The course also includes several song examples so you can try out what you’ve learned.

The Intermediate Worship Guitar Course covers the essentials of playing guitar and explores how to play in several keys. You’ll learn what are called “chord families” so you can know which chords will sound good together.

You can also skip those difficult bar chords, since you’ll learn a unique way to avoid them that will sound great.

Each chord family lesson is followed by an easy worship guitar song, so you can apply what you’ve learned. In fact after you complete this guitar course, you’ll be able to play literally hundreds of easy Christian guitar songs.

You’ll have everything you need to play in every key that exists.

The Worship Electric Guitar Course is a great way to learn how to solo and how to complement a rhythm guitar. In fact, you’ll learn 5 scales so that you’ll be able to play lead guitar all over the neck. You’ll even be able to jam with others.

You’ll also learn chord inversions, also called complement chords, that will help you play chords that are higher up on the neck that will sound great.
These inversions will also help you develop your own lead licks.

The Advanced Chords Course explores how to identify and play every chord that exists. These lessons are the place to start if you’re interested in music theory and how it intersects with chords.

After you learn how to build every chord that exists, you’ll learn how these chords work into chord families and can spice up your song writing. You can also apply what you learn to begin playing blues and jazz guitar.

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testimonial5guitarmann testimonials simple lessons

"I just wanted to thank you for your site. You are an awesome teacher, and I wish I had found your site years ago.  I feel like your simple lessons have taken my playing and my "musical knowledge" to the next level. Now, I feel like I understand how chords are formed and how they work together."

guitarmann testimonials awesome teacher
Guitarmann Member


"This is by far the best online guitar learning method; I wasn't just mimicking but was understanding what's going on with guitar, and it has help me be able to play on my own within 2 weeks."

Manual R
Guitarmann Member


Easy Worship Songs on Guitar

The whole goal of these lessons is for you to have fun playing guitar with the worship songs you love.

The Beginner and Intermediate courses include worship song examples, and the site has hundreds of extra lessons, so you can always try something new. The goal is to simplify all of the worship songs, so you can easily jump in and play.

Once you login, you'll see songs that are categorized for each level. So, for instance, once you finish the Beginner Course, you'll see some additional worship songs that you can play.

Once you finish the Intermediate Course, you'll see more worship songs that you can try out in multiple keys or using unique strum patterns.

In fact you can also browse hundreds of easy worship songs on guitar to see which songs you want to learn. All of these chord charts are free to download, so feel free to explore.

Each of these worship charts will help you see the flow of a particular song and will show you exactly how to play each section. There are also different keys available for most songs, so you can choose which chord family you want to use.

Although there are hundreds of easy guitar worship songs, you can also experiment with mainstream charts and other genres of music. After you have completed the Intermediate guitar course, you can try out fingerpicking songs, jazz, blues, and even bluegrass.

Even though these genres of guitar might be new to you, they will help stretch your mind and your playing so that you can keep progressing.

There are new lessons posted all of the time, and over the last 10 years, Guitarmann has posted hundreds of new video lessons, so you'll always have something to learn. 

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testimonial7guitarmann testimonials worship

"I can say without a doubt that Stephen Mann will take you far beyond your expectations when it comes to learning the guitar. His teachings have brought me to the point where I now lead worship for several different youth events, and at my own church as well. I would not recommend anybody other than Stephen!"

guitarmann testimonials member
Guitarmann Member

testimonial8guitarmann testimonials

"I took a guitar to my first lesson knowing nothing about chords or technique. Literally within a few months, I not only knew a good number of popular chords, but also I knew techniques for figuring out nearly every chord I might come upon. Stephen's method of teaching guitar is amazingly easy to grasp quickly, yet at the same time challenging enough to help you achieve your personal goals."

guitarmann member testimonials
Guitarmann Member


Worship Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Most of the members on the site are beginners, and if you're new to guitar, you may have some questions.

Do I need to be able to read music to play guitar?

No! There is a common misunderstanding that reading music comes before playing guitar. That couldn't be further from the truth! "Standard notation" is commonly used in classical music and with "melody" instruments. Guitar is a "chord" instrument, so reading music actually won't help, unless you are trying to learn classical guitar or you are playing with an orchestra. 

There is a better way to learn how to play a song called "studio charting". This system is based on the Nashville Number System and simplifies the idea of a chord chart.

You’ll learn this simple system as you go through the courses, and it will drastically speed up the time it takes you to actually play through songs.

There is also a bonus Nashville Number System course that is available to all members.  

What is the best age to start guitar lessons?

Although there are programs for young guitarists, such as the "Suziki Method" It's best to start guitar around age 12 and older. It's ideal to be able to hold and handle a full size guitar, and your finger strength will be important as you learn chords.

Younger guitarists can learn chords but will most likely need to start on a 3/4 size classical guitar with nylon strings. 

What type of guitar should I buy if I'm a beginner? 

It's best to start with an acoustic guitar so your fingers will build up callouses, and you can begin with strum patterns. It will be much easier down the road to play a classical or an electric guitar if you start with an acoustic.

To help you choose the best guitar to buy depending on your budget, check out this acoustic guitar buying guide that will show you the best new and used guitars to choose. Just make sure your guitar will stay in tune!  

How long does it take to play guitar?

The answer to this questions depends on your commitment to learning and the source of your information. If you're learning from random videos or a system that is based in reading music, it will take much longer. If you learn from the Beginner Course, you'll be playing worship guitar in a matter of a couple weeks.

As you begin, you can also be sure that you’ll learn the proper way to hold a guitar, the most versatile strum patterns for worship songs, and the most common chords used in Christian music.

Each step by step lesson is designed for the non musician and will ultimately help you learn how to play Christian songs on guitar. You can join the thousands before you who have taken the worship guitar lessons online and start today.

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testimonial9guitarmann nathan

"I took guitar lessons from Guitarmann for about 4 years, and since then i have been in two bands and also my church band. He is an amazing teacher! I love just being able to sit down anytime and play guitar for minutes or even hours."

guitarmann nathan member
Guitarmann Member


"I was intimidated about learning guitar because I thought only people with an obvious talent for music could pick it up. Stephen's method gave me confidence to stay with it and helped me get over my fear of getting started. It's very intuitive and got me playing quickly. I'm not trying to be a rock star. I just want to play songs for my children and help them develop a love for music early in life. My lessons with Stephen have been invaluable in helping me reach this goal."

guitarmann rock star member
Guitarmann Member


How to Start Guitarmann

1. Start with a free lesson below

2. OR unlock any course for $1 (scroll down)  

*Membership unlocks all lessons! Start for $1.

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Choose a Free Guitar Lesson:

Beginner Guitar

Learn how to avoid the 3 most common mistakes beginners make, so you can build a solid foundation.

Intermediate Guitar

Unlock the 3 secrets of quickly getting out of a rut and having more fun playing guitar.

Advanced Guitar

Discover the one trick pros use to understand guitar theory without wasting time reading music.

Worship Guitar Courses

Unlock all of these courses plus hundreds of extra lessons for just $1.
Choose a course to get started:


Beginner Guitar

Learn the most commonly used chords

Learn an easy strum pattern that can be used for most songs

Play several easy worship songs to get started

Build a foundation to take your playing as far as you want

This course is included in the Guitar Subscription

Intermediate Guitar

Learn how chords are grouped together in "chord families"

Learn to play in every key - no bar chords needed!

No need to "read music" - there's a better way

Try several new strum patterns for different types of songs

This course is included in the Guitar Subscription

Electric Guitar

Learn scales to play all over the neck

Learn 5 sets of complement chords (chord inversions)

Learn how to use scales to solo, improvise, and jam

Challenge yourself by learning modes

This course is included in the Guitar Subscription

Advanced Guitar

Build & play every chord that exists

Learn where a chord get its name

Learn how unique chords are used to spice up a chord family

Improve your songwriting ability & play new types of music

This course is included in the Guitar Subscription


testimonial11guitarmann testimonials contemporary

"I started lessons with Guitarmann and two years later began to use the guitar in leading our worship services. He has a keen awareness of contemporary worship and how guitar fits in."  

Mark L
Guitarmann Member

testimonial12guitar players

"Stephen is great teacher for those who are beginners all the way to advanced guitar players. He played a big role in my guitar playing as I started in Middle School and his method helped me as I progressed in my playing and worship leading even through college."  

Manual R Guitar Member
Guitarmann Member

testimonial13guitarmann testimonials affordable price

"Stephen, thanks for offering incredible lessons at an affordable price.  I am just really happy right now and I had to write something.  I have improved my playing and learned more in two months than I had in the past years of local lessons and playing on my own. You are a great teacher and exactly what I needed.  I will continue with the lessons and hope to lead the praise songs for my Bible study group soon.  Thanks again, this is the best investment I ever made toward learning to play guitar."  

guitarmann testimonials play guitar
Guitarmann Member

testimonial13guitarmann testimonials encouraging

"I have had 4 teachers over my many years of trying to learn and no one ever approached teaching the way you do.  I feel comfortable and am able to understand what you are talking about in a way that it will stay with me and not just go in one ear and out the other. Already I have picked up tips and tricks that I never knew even though I had played guitar with teachers before.I appreciate the ease at how you are teaching me and I feel as though you are right here in my home with me encouraging and helping me to get it right this time.  I also want to make mention that the simple way you are teaching me to strum.  No one ever taught me that!"

guitarmann testimonials isaac
Guitarmann Member

testimonial14Testimonial Self Taught

"I have been able to read music and play an instrument for 38 yrs. I self taught and have played guitar off and on for 35 years, most avidly over the last 8 years as a worship leader. This is the first time I've truly understood how the Chord Families actually are put together and work. Thank you for opening my eyes!"

Guitarman member lisa
Guitarmann Member

testimonial15Electric Series

"First I want to say I am loving the online classes and learning so much.  I have taken a few other online classes and by far your's is the BEST.  I am starting the Electric Series this week. Just finished the Essentials Series!"

stephen L
Guitarmann Member

Step by Step

There is so much information online, and it can be overwhelming to know what to tackle and when to tackle it. Now, you’ll never have to worry about what’s next. Pick from one of 5 worship guitar courses and progress through each lesson.

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worship guitar lessons preview


worshipleaderacademyHey, by the way, are you a Worship Leader? If so, check out our sister website: Worship Leader Academy and join over 2,000 Worship Leaders who have discovered how to grow their leadership!   

- Stephen

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