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Short Cut

Use a Kyser Short Cut Capo to make chords incredibly easy

Play songs in only 5 lessons

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Designed for the absolute beginner with no musical experience

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Learn the most commonly used chords

Learn an easy and versatile strum pattern that can be used for most songs

Play easy worship songs to get started

Build a foundation to take your playing as far as you want

This series is included in the Guitar Subscription


Learn the 5 most common chord families

Learn why studio musicians use the Nashville Number System

Learn how to play in every key with a capo

Try several new strum patterns for different types of songs

This series is included in the Guitar Subscription


Learn scales to play all over the neck

Learn 5 sets of complement chords 

Learn how to use scales to solo and improvise

This series included in the Guitar Subscription


Learn where a chord get its name

Build & play every chord that exists

Use unique chords to expand a chord family and improve songwriting 

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Check out new weekly lesson videos included in this subscription

Read blog posts to help you get better

Hear about what's new with Guitarmann

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some very helpful stuff for guitarists from @guitarmann even without a subscription

author: Worship Matters; Dir. Sovereign Grace Music

Stephen is one of my good friends; someone who has been teaching me lessons on guitar for many years!

Building 429: Grammy-nominated; Dove Award Winner

Great guitar players aren’t born - it takes hard work; I’m thankful that he’s put together resources for the rest of us to learn.

Founding Member: Indelible Grace


This is by far the best online guitar learning method; I wasn't just mimicking but was understanding what's going on with guitar, and it has help me be able to play on my own within 2 weeks.

Manual R
Guitarmann Member