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worship bass guitar lessonsIf you're looking for Worship Bass Guitar Lessons, you're at the right spot! Below, you can explore beginner, intermediate, and advanced bass courses that will help you learn how to play bass. There are also several worship song examples used throughout that will let you apply what you've learned. Each course is included in the Bass Guitar subscription. 


Bass Beginner

Learn the name of each note on the fretboard

Learn how to hold and play the bass

Play along with several easy worship song examples

This series is included in the Bass Subscription

Bass Intermediate

Play in any key using one simple scale

Expand your playing by riffing 

Play along with even more worship song examples

This series is included in the Bass Subscription

Bass Advanced

Learn all 5 bass scales and see how they connect

Learn how to riff in every key

Play all over the fretboard in any key

This series is included in the Bass Subscription



How to Play Bass

I've always said the bass guitar is the easiest instrument to learn but the hardest to master. In a worship setting, bass provides the "backbone" of a song along with the kick drum. In fact, if gives a musical sound to the kick drum and helps the core beat and "groove".

As you begin, the first thing to learn is how to play all of the notes. The "easy" part is that you don't have to worry about chord shapes, like you would with guitar. You only need to play single notes. Once you combine these notes with a basic understanding of rhythm, you'll be playing incredibly quickly. You'll mainly just need to get used to holding down larger strings, so be prepared for your fingers to hurt a little. 

Once you can play along with a few worship song examples, we'll start looking at how to play in every key with a simple scale. This bass scale is easy to learn and will open up the world of Nashville Number System with bass. Many bass players love Nashville Numbers, since you only really need to learn one scale shape and can then play in any key. For instance, once you've learn the scale, you just need to move it to the correct place on the fretboard to play in a particular key.

As you continue to progress, you may want to start spicing up your playing by using licks. In fact, if you really study bass in worship songs, you'll hear many bass "runs" or "licks." The way to open up those possibilities is to learn more scales and how they interconnect. In fact you'll learn all five scales that will cover the entire fretboard. 

As you learn these scales, you'll know every possible spot to play during a song that will sound good. I'll also show you some examples of common licks. However, the more you play, the more you can experiment with sounds that you like.

If your goal is to play bass guitar worship songs, the lessons are designed to help you do exactly that. You'll have all of the tools you need to literally play any worship song, from Hillsong United to Chris Tomlin to Phil Wickham.

The key on a particular song is to listen very carefully to each bass note played. Then, using what you've learned, try to mimic that exact lick. The best way to build your "vocabulary" of licks is to model other songs you like. From there, you'll naturally begin to create your own bass licks by adding or omitting different notes.

Bass guitar is one of the most fun instruments to play, especially if you're in a worship band. The primary goal it to play the correct notes, along with the kick drum; however, the possibilities are endless to tastefully improve a song using licks and scales

Check out some of the worship songs you'll learn during these lessons:



Bass Worship Song Examples

worship bass guitar lesson 1”Come Now is the Time” (Slow)

worship bass guitar lesson 2"Your Love" (Slow)

worship bass guitar lesson 3"I Can Only Imagine" (Slow)

worship bass guitar lesson 4"Come Now is the Time"

worship bass guitar lesson 5"Your Love Oh Lord"

worship bass guitar lesson 6"I Can Only Imagine"

worship bass guitar lesson 7"We Are Hungry"

worship bass guitar lesson 8"Mighty to Save"

worship bass guitar lesson 9"From the Inside Out"

worship bass guitar lesson 10"Come Now is the Time" Advanced

worship bass guitar lesson 12"I Can Only Imagine" Advanced

worship bass guitar lesson 13"Mighty to Save" Advanced

worship bass guitar lesson 14"Your Love Oh Lord" Advanced