Bass Intermediate Series

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Bass Intermediate Series


Bass Intermediate

Included in the Bass Subscription, this series will take what you learned from the Beginner Series and really expand your ability to play even more songs.

You will learn a technique which makes it easy to play in any key without memorizing notes. 

You'll also learn how to choose high or low notes based on the intensity of a song, and you'll learn how to create your own licks. These lessons will take your playing to a new level and will give you the tools you need to have even more fun with the bass.

The lesson examples will give you a chance to practice what you've learned so you can then apply it to any song you choose. 

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Song Examples
in this series

"Come Now is the Time" Advanced

"I Can Only Imagine" Advanced

"I Can Only Imagine" Advanced

"Your Love" Advanced

Only $9.95 After 7 Days. Cancel Anytime. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.