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Electric Series



Included in the Guitar Subscription, this series will show you how to solo in any key, how to play all of the major scales on the guitar, how to solo to blues music, how to improvise, and how to create complement chords for songs. These lessons are fundamental in playing the electric guitar well. 

I'll show you an easy number method so you'll not only see the 5 major scales, but you'll also see how each scale interlocks. Learning this is the secret to playing all over the neck.

Once you complete this series, you will be able to solo to almost any song and easily jam with others.

$14.95 After 7 Days. Cancel Anytime. 30 Day Guarantee.

Core Lessons
in this series

Get Familiar with the Electric

Chromatic Scale

Whole Tone Scale

Pentatonic Scale

Soloing Dynamics

Major Scale

1 Scale

2 Scale

3 Scale

4 Scale

5 Scale

Speed Drills

Creating a Solo

Intro to Complement Chords

1st Position Complement Chords

2nd Position Complement Chords

3rd Position Complement Chords

4th Position Complement Chords

5th Position Complement Chords

Modes Intro

Common Modes

Only $14.95 After 7 Days. Cancel Anytime. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.