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Beginner Series



This course is for the absolute beginner who has never even picked up a guitar. You'll get right to the good stuff and skip the boring and confusing stuff!

You'll learn important tips as you start, simple chords that will work in thousands of songs, a strum pattern that you can use for most songs, and several worship song examples. 

Once you complete this series, you'll be able to play several songs in multiple keys!

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Core Lessons
in this series

Guitar Anatomy

Tuning the Guitar

How to Restring a Guitar

Before You Play

A, D, and E chords

G, C2, and D, chords

Minor Chords: Em, Am, and Dm

Rhythm Basics

Strum Pattern in 4/4 Time

Musical Alphabet

Naming Every Note on the Fretboard

Bass Notes and Slash Chords

G Chord Family

D Chord Family

Basic Charting

"Sanctuary" Song Example

"How Great is Our God" Song Example

"I Can Only Imagine" Song Example

"Jesus Be the Center" Song Example

"We Are Hungry" Song Example

"I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" Song Example

Plus 5 more Bonus Beginner Lessons

Cancel with a Click - $14.95 After 7 Days - 30 Days for Refund



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