Battle Belongs Lesson and Chords | Phil Wickham

publication date: Oct 26, 2022


"Battle Belongs"
 Chord Charts

Download the free chord charts to Battle Belongs by Phil Wickham. For the original key of Db, use the C chart capo 1 or use the G chart, capo 6; however, this play-along is in the key of B. So to play with the video, use capo 4 for G and capo 2 for A. 

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More about Battle Belongs:

"Battle Belongs" is a Phil Wickham worship song that was co-written by Brian Johnson, and is from the album "Hymn of Heaven" released in 2021.

Musically, the song is in 4/4 time and is upbeat. It's in the key of Db (or C#); so, it's best to play it on guitar with either capo 1 in C or capo 6 in G. Of course, you can adjust you capo position in case you need a higher or lower key that fits either a male or female vocal better.

For instance, the play-along video above is in the key of B, which may be a little more comfortable for a male vocal. To play in the key of B, use a capo on the 4th fret, using the G chord family. Or you can also capo on the 2nd fret and use the A chord family.

For the strum pattern, I'll cover 3 different ways to play it based on your skill level. The first way is a simplified strum that will work throughout the song.

The intermediate way to play it will add in a few extra strums to make it sound full and will get your right hand into a simple groove that will help you keep a consistent rhythm throughout the song.

Finally, there is a more advanced strum pattern that will add in some percussive sounds so that it sounds like there is a drum playing along with you. 

You'll also learn how to add in the intro signature lick as you strum. This is a great worship song to learn on guitar, so spend some time with the tutorial to learn the different ways to play it.

Now, let's take a look at the lyrics of Battle Belongs:

When all I see is the battle
You see my victory
When all I see is the mountain
You see a mountain moved

And as I walk through the shadow
Your love surrounds me
There’s nothing to fear now
For I am safe with You

This song starts with a the different perspectives of man and God, as it seen in Psalm 23 "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." 

There is a constant battle of fear based on man's perspective; however, the first verse also illustrates that from God's perspective, there is, in fact, nothing to fear. 

So when I fight
I’ll fight on my knees
With my hands lifted high
Oh God the battle Belongs to You

And every fear I lay at Your feet
I’ll sing through the night
Oh God the battle belongs to You

The chorus demonstrates that prayer is the best way to face fear and have our minds renewed (Romans 12), which, in turn, renews our perspective. 

The pinnacle of the song, lyrically, is that the act of submitting the battle is in fact the whole point. Fighting the battle is not the point. The fear is only laid to rest upon its submission.   

There is also an element of "singing" that accompanies submission. Singing and praising God is not possible without that spirit. Worshipping God implies a surrender.   

And if You are for me
Who can be against me
For Jesus there’s nothing
Impossible for You

When all I see are the ashes
You see the beauty
When all I see is a cross
God You see the empty tomb

The next set of verses reinforces the idea of the first verse and the chorus, but with more bold proclamations found in Romans 8:31 "And if our God is for us, who can be against us."

The verses also move into a Gospel centered message, basing this perspective on the work of the cross and resurrection. 

Let's take a look at the lyrics of the bridge:  

Almighty Fortress
You go before us
Nothing can stand against The power of our God

You shine in the shadow
You win every battle
Nothing can stand against The power of our God

The proclamations get even bolder at this point in the song, and are the natural progression of a state of fear to a state of confidence in Christ. The perspective shifts from man looking at himself in fear, to looking solely to God in confidence. 

The chorus repeats with another exclamation point that the battle belongs to God. This is a great worship song that is upbeat and if a great one to learn on guitar. If you haven't, check out the acoustic tutorial above to learn how to play it whether you a beginner, and intermediate guitarist, or you're more advanced.

Remember that you can also download the free worship charts to this song in multiple keys.  

You can find this song on Apple Music or Spotify.

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