Holy Forever Lesson and Chords | Chris Tomlin

publication date: Oct 17, 2022


"Holy Forever"
 Chord Charts

Download the free chord charts to Holy Forever by Chris Tomlin. For the original key of C# or Db, use the C chart capo 1 or use the G chart, capo 6 - and follow along with the play-along at the end of the lesson!

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More about this song:

"Holy Forever" is a new Chris Tomlin worship song that was co-written by Phil Wickham, Brian Johnson, among others. It's from the "Always" album, released in September 2022.

Musically, the song is in 4/4 time and is a medium pace. It's in the key of C# or Db; so, it's best to play it on guitar with either capo 1 in C or capo 6 in G. Of course, you can adjust you capo position in case you need a higher or lower key that fits either a male or female vocal better.

The chord structure is simple; however, there are several quick chord changes that last for only one beat.

The easiest way to strum this on guitar, is to play down-strums that follow the rhythm of "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and," where each gets a down strum. This will help you count out exactly when to play each chord.

Alternatively, you can play the first part of the normal 4/4 strum pattern that you learned in the Beginner Course, and just substitute the last DUDU with one down strum. 

That last down strum will represent the passing chord that lasts for only one beat. 

If a chord doesn't share any other chords with it in the measure (there is no box), then you can use a full strum pattern for that particular chord.  

Now, let's take a look at the lyrics of this worship song and see how they progress. We'll start with the first verse:

A thousand generations
Falling down in worship
To sing the song of Ages to the Lamb

And all who've gone before us
And all who will believe
Will sing the song of Ages to the Lamb

This song starts with an interesting perspective, that those who are worshipping are actually joining in with generations before them and generations to come. This speaks to the timeless nature of the "song of Ages" that's coming in both the pre chorus and the chorus. 

Your name is the highest
Your name is the greatest
Your name stands above them all

All thrones and dominions
All powers and positions
Your name stands above them all

The lyrics here relate to several passages of scripture, but one primary passage is Colossians 1:15-20, which describes Christ as head of the Church. All things, including dominions and authorities were created for Him and by Him. 

Musically, this section of the song is building to something greater. There is an anticipation of the chorus, which is the ultimate anthem. 

And the angels cry Holy
All creation cries Holy
You are lifted high Holy
Holy forever

The chorus ties in several elements of this praise song. First, it is the musical crescendo and anthem. There is also the word Holy, which is sung as worship from both the angels and all of creation. Finally, the nature of worship is eternal.

Verse one alludes to this timeless nature of worship and reminds us that we are a small dot on a never ending line that points to God. We are part of an eternal chorus of creation that stretches before us and after us. 

The song moves into Verse 2. 

If you've been forgiven
And if you've been redeemed
Sing the song Forever to the Lamb

If you walk in freedom
And if you bear His name
Sing the song Forever to the Lamb

This verse is more of a call to worship and a reminder of the nature and state of a Believer. IF you have been forgiven, THEN you are called to worship. There is also a good reminder of the timelessness of worship in the lyric, which helps connect the chorus.  

From here, the song continues on into the chorus again, but also introduces a Chorus 2 with different lyrics:

Hear your people sing Holy
To the King of Kings Holy
You will always be Holy
Holy forever

The theme is still consistent with added attributes of God as King. It also reinforces the melody of the chorus, with the exclamation point of "Holy Forever" at the end.  

The song is a great anthem to add to any worship set on Sunday or otherwise! It's also a great song to play on guitar in either capo position. 

You can find this song on Apple Music or Spotify.

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