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In this series, you'll learn what every electric player should know. You'll be able to
solo to all kinds of music with the pentatonic scales, 5 major scales, and modes. Not only that, but you'll even learn some awesome warmup scales and exercises to help you build speed. You'll even learn what nobody else teaches--complement chords which help support a rhythm player without over powering. Crank it up.

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    Electric Series Playlist

Electric Welcome Get Familiar With the Electric Chromatic Scale
Whole Tone Scale Pentatonic Scale Soloing Dynamics
Major Scale Intro 1 Scale 2 Scale
3 Scale 4 Scale 5 Scale
Speed Drills Creating a Solo Intro to Complement Chords
1st Position Complement Chords 2ns Position Complement Chords 3rd Position Complement Chords
4th Position Complement Chords 5th Position Complement Chords Modes Intro
Common Modes    


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