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You've always wanted to play, and now's the perfect time. Even if you have never played an instrument before, you will learn how to play without being bored by trying to read music or learning only one note at a time. You'll learn the 9 most common chords ever used with guitar, a versatile strum pattern and lots of songs. This series is designed to take you step by step to show you the most important things you need to know without wasting time on the stuff you don't. This series was designed for the absolute beginner to learn the basics and play through songs. No more excuses. It's your turn to learn!

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  Beginner Series Playlist
Beginner Welcomeguitar anatomyTuning
How to Restring Your GuitarBefore You PlayA D and E Chords
G, C2 and C ChordsMinor Chords: Em, Am and DmRhythm Basics
Strum Pattern in 4/4Musical AlphabetNaming Every Note
Bass Notes and Slash ChordsG Chord FamilyD Chord Family
Basic ChartingSanctuaryHow Great is Our God
I Can Only ImagineJesus Be the CenterWe Are Hungry
I Could Sing