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      Advanced Essentials
             learn what most guitarists don't know!

In this series, you'll learn what professionals thrive off of: an intricate knowledge of both music and guitar.
This series will not only help you become a better guitar player, but you'll learn how to write unique chord progressions which will really help your song writing. You'll also be introduced to chords that are used in different genres of music including blues and jazz. Ever have trouble memorizing complicated chords? Not anymore. You'll learn how to create every chord that exists without memorization. After this series, you will know more than almost every guitar player you meet and will have the tools to play just about any song that exists.

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 Advanced Essentials Series Playlist      
Advanced Essentials WelcomeNotes ReviewBar Chords
Bar Chords QuizChord SpellingMajor, Minor, Sus Chords
5 (power) & 2 Chords7 & 9 ChordsDim, Half Dim, Aug Chords
Every Other Chord6th String Position5th String Position
Chords Outside of the FamilyExtra G Family ChordsExtra D Family Chords
Extra A Family ChordsExtra C Family ChordsExtra E Family Chords