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So maybe you've played around with some chords and strum patterns, and have found yourself stuck in a rut. Get ready to expand your playing. In this series you'll learn the 5 chord families used with guitar and how to use a capo to play in every single key that exists. The result: you will have the complete know-how to play rhythm guitar to 90% of all songs ever written, not just a few tunes here and there. You'll also learn the secret of professional recording artists--studio charts. The charts are easy to learn and save hours of band practice time. You won't waste time trying to learn how to read music. Expand your playing with new strum patterns and fun song examples. This series includes the core stuff that every guitarist should know. You'll be able to play songs with complete confidence, transpose songs with ease and even write your own music.

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  Essentials Series Playlist
Essentials WelcomeMusical Alphabet ReviewSlash Chords Review
4/4 Strum ReviewHow Major Scales WorkHow Chord Families Work
How Studio Charts WorkG Chord FamilyG Chord Family Switching
"Your Love Oh Lord (Slow)""Your Love Oh Lord"D Chord Family
D Chord Family Switching"Come Now is the Time (Slow)""Come Now is the Time"
A Chord FamilyA Chord Family Switching"Mighty to Save"
C Chord FamilyC Chord Family Switching"From the Inside Out"
E Chord FamilyE Chord Family Switching"I Can Only Imagine (Slow)"
"I Can Only Imagine"Pushed 8th StrumPushed 16th Strum
3/4 Strum6/8 StrumHow a Capo Works