G7th Performance Capo Review

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G7th Performance Capo Review

publication date: Jul 19, 2010

G7th CapoAfter reading the reviews on this, I couldn't help but try it out and see what I thought. Over the years, I've seen all sorts of capos. The trick with the capo is to have it put the correct, even pressure on the strings, to be quickly accessible, and finally, easy to apply. Of course there is something to be said for looks.

PROS: The G7th capo looks good. In fact I think it looks better than any other capo. It has a simple sleek silver look. The other great thing about this capo is that it is very easy to apply. Kids who have trouble squeezing the spring-loaded K-lever Kyser capo will love this one. You position it first and then give it a good squeeze with your thumb and pointer to make sure it's in place. You release the tention via the little lever on the back so you can remove it.

CONS: The biggest con is accessibility. When you are performing live, every second of dead time between songs is painful. The classic
K-lever capo is the quickest to apply. The G7th Performance capo is faster than many capos out there but not the fastest. It's a little difficult to maneuver with one hand since you have to unlock it and then pull it form the neck. It's also a little on the pricey side.

BOTTOM LINE: I like it and plan on keeping it. The best use is for kids or anyone else who has difficulty maneuvering other capos that require quite a bit of hand strength. This may be a good option for studio recording or other applications where transitions between songs aren't an issue.

For those interested, G7th also make the "Nashville capo" which is based off of the K-lever shape for quick access. I don't have this one, so I can't speak to it.