G7th Nashville Capo Review

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G7th Nashville Capo Review

publication date: Jan 17, 2011

G7th Nashville CapoIf you remember a while back, I wrote a review on the G7th Performance Capo. All in all, it is a great capo. It's very easy to apply and keeps the guitar from intonation problems. The only draw-back to the capo is the speed of application. When seconds count in a live situation, you need something that can be applied very quickly.

The fine people at G7th sent me their Nashville-style capo to try out, so I'll share my thoughts. This capo is the "K-style" capo that many guitarists recognize. However, this one is a little different. The first thing I noticed was the feel of it in my hand as compared to the Kyser that I'm used to. The over-all feel was much thinner and lighter. Even though the initial feel was a bit odd (after years of something different), I quickly found out why the design was like it was once I applied it to the guitar. It's much easier to squeeze. As a guitar teacher, I know that this is really a big advantage, especially for younger students/players. Most spring-loaded capos are very tight right out of the box, so you have to have a pretty strong grip to apply it. The price point for this capo is also a little more within reach for most guitarists compared to the performance capo.

Before I wrap up, I want to revisit the performance capo now that I've had time to really use it. I like it the more I use it. It has a very sturdy, solid feel, and it's my go-to capo especially for electric. Electrics are more sensitive to pitch problems with capos, so solid, even pressure is important. After recently watching the videos of Passion 2011 (a worship conference of over 20k college students) I noticed that the electric guitarists who have used Kysers for years and years were using the performance capo for the first time live.