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Get a Sneak Peek of the Short-Cut Course


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Day 1: "First Things First"

Day 2: "Your First Song"

Day 3: "Parts of the Guitar"

This beginner course is designed for you to learn 10 Worship Songs in 10 Days and comes with a free capo. The full course is currently closed, while I get a new batch of capos ready to ship.

However, you can go ahead and test-drive the first 3 days for free! You don't need a capo to begin. This course is perfect for non-musician or any beginner. 

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"The course is easy and fun and I got the short cut capo in about 3 days! I like your teaching style and your thorough and well thought out lessons. "

Guitarmann Member


"I'm enjoying the course! Your song example videos showing the chart while singing helped me ease my way through it and made it so much more enjoyable!"

Guitarmann Member


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