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publication date: Jul 26, 2022


Psalm 34 Taste and See
 Chord Charts

Download the free chord charts for this Shane and Shane song from the Psalms Vol 2 album. This song, of course, is inspired by Psalm 34 and has a folsky blues sound similar to that of Need to Breathe. Check out the charts:

What is the Psalm 34 Taste and See?

Son of Suffering ChordsPsalm 34 was written and performed in the key of D in 4/4 time and 57 BPM. You can find it on the Psalms Vol 2 album by Shane and Shane.   

If you're playing this worship song on guitar, you can use the D chord family, or you can use the C chord family with a capo on the 2nd fret.

In fact, using a capo with C chords will sound much better. The strum pattern will be a little bit different for this song since the BPM is so slow. 

It's really meant to be to create an unusual blues type groove, so the normal strum won't work as well in this song. Try out the "16th pushed strum" found in the intermediate worship guitar course, to create a similar feel. 


What is the Meaning of Psalm 34 Taste and See?

This song, of course, is inspired by the scripture passage. Overall, it's a great call to worship song, since the chorus is inviting others to worship the Lord. 

Let's take a look at this worship song's lyrics and explore this modern take on the Bible passage: 

I sought the Lord
And He answered me
And delivered me
From every fear

Those who look on Him
Are radiant
They'll never be ashamed
They'll never be ashamed

This poor man cried
And the Lord heard me
And saved me from
My enemies

The Son of God
Surrounds His saints
He will deliver them
He will deliver them

This song's verses begin with a personal testimony of seeking out the Lord and being answered. In particular, there is a theme of deliverance out of fear, from shame, and from enemies. 

These lyrics help establish us as lost, and in need of saving. They also give a reason for the call to worship of the chorus that follows:

Magnify the Lord with me
Come exalt His name together

Glorify the Lord with me
Come exalt His name forever

This chorus is the response of worship and unified participation in acknowledging the Lord as Deliverer. Now that the lyrical flow has been established, let's take a took at the next verse: 

Oh, taste and see
That the Lord is good
Oh, bless us here
Who hides in Him

Oh, fear the Lord
Oh, all you saints
He'll give you everything
He'll give you everything

This verse is now inviting others to experience the goodness of God. Along with that experience is also having a holy fear of the Lord.

Remember that verse 1 called believers to be "free" from fear; however, the fear of the Lord is a different type of fear. It's a holy fear that's appropriate and not unfounded. In fact it's necessary in a relationship with him. 

The chorus repeats, and then leads us into the bridge:  

Let us bless the Lord
Every day and night
Neverending praise
May our incense rise

This bridge is another call to bless the Lord through consistent worship. It's a reminder of the nature of ongoing relationship with the Father. 

After the bridge, we come back to the chorus again for one more call to worship.

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