Oceans Cover

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Oceans Cover

publication date: Sep 9, 2015


"Oceans" Cover

The song Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) is an incredibly popular worship song that has a unique sound. In fact it claimed song of the year at the Dove awards in 2014. The song focuses on the calling of God to "get out of the boat," the faith needed to do so, and the dependance on God to move.

This is my version of it which incorporates more of a back and forth finger picking pattern that is folksy. So, the feel is a little different than the original track. However, you can play this version easily with just one acoustic. However, you can check out the Hillsong acoustic cover tutorial if you'd like.

I based the chords off of the Em slide that I teach here. These chords can be used with any song in the key of G to give it a different feel.