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Bass Introduction

These 3 bass series will show you exactly what you need so you can start playing songs as soon as possible. You'll learn how to develop technique with both hands as you also learn simple but foundational musical concepts that apply to bass. After you move through each of the lessons, you'll be ready for each of the song examples that will allow you to play at your own pace and prepare you to progress to the next series.

The intermediate series will show you how to play in any key and how to riff and improvise. 

The Advanced series will show you all 5 major scales so you can play anywhere on the neck, no matter the song or key of the song. 










Bass Anatomy

The first step in learning any instrument is learning how it is setup. This lesson will explore the different parts of the bass and their names. Knowing the bass anatomy is essential in communicating to other musicians or to communicating to a repair shop in case something is wrong at a certain place on the bass.

Not surprisingly, many of the names of the part of the bass are similar to a guitar. So if you know your guitar anatomy, many of these names will sound familiar. Likewise, if you are starting with bass and will want to learn guitar in the future, you'll be ahead of the game in learning the guitar anatomy. 









Main Major Scale for Bass

While there are 5 major scales used with bass, you really only need to know one scale to play in any key. In fact, many bassists prefer this scale to all of the others. The beauty of learning this scale is that you'll be able to play along with the Nashville Number system with complete ease.

If you don't know what the Nashville Number system is, don't worry, we'll cover that later. For now, just know that it is a roadmap of a song using numbers that represent certain notes in the scale.

Any song can be played with a few ingredients: 1. knowing where your hand position should start, based on the key of the song. 2. knowing this particular scale. 3. the road map of the song. In short this scale is a big reason why bass is one of the easiest instruments to play!










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