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This series will show you how to solo in any key, how to play all of the major scales on the guitar, how to solo to blues music, how to improvise, and how to create complement chords for songs. These lessons are fundamental in playing the electric guitar well. 

I'll show you an easy number method so you'll not only see the 5 major scales, but you'll also see how each scale interlocks. Learning this is the secret to playing all over the neck.

Once you complete this series, you will be able to solo to almost any song and easily jam with others.









Chromatic Scale

The Chromatic Scale is the best scale to learn first because it gives each finger a work out and encourages proper hand positioning. This scale plays each note in order. In other words, if you were to play each note on the piano, without skipping any, that is the chromatic scale. 

This scale will also help you to play each of the strings of the guitar as you progress. Playing each string builds muscle memory in your fingers so that you can later easily jump to whatever string you'd like. 

Even though you may not use this scale in a song to solo, it is an excellent way to warm up your fingers before playing guitar. Once you do, your fingers will be loose and ready to play!









Complement Chords

Complement chords allow an electric guitar player to play high chords which complement a rhythm guitar without playing the same chords. They are typically played high up on the neck. There are 5 sets of complement chords, and each set is based off of a scale.

Once you learn even one set of complement chords, you'll be able to create your own chords and licks that sound great as a unique part. In fact these chords are how many guitarists come up with intro licks.

The more complement chords you learn, the more flexibility you'll have to move up and down the neck of the guitar to create even more licks and complementary parts. This is really handy if you have 2 electric guitars playing at the same time. 









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