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Short Cut

Guitarmann has teamed up with Kyser Capos with an exclusive series that is your short cut to playing guitar. You'll be playing songs within only 5 simple lessons. The Short Cut Capo makes chords extremely easy to play since they require only one or two fingers. 

When you become a Guitarmann member, you'll receive a promotional code for 40% off a Kyser Short Cut Capo. You'll also get immediate access to this series and can learn some guitar basics in the time it takes for your capo to arrive. 

As you progress through this series, you'll learn practical tips that will give you a big head start as you progress through the other guitar series in the future. Get ready to play several songs with ease in no time!  

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Core Lessons
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First Things First

First Thing First (part 2)

First Four Chords

Strum Pattern

3 More Chords

"Oceans" Song Example

"Cornerstone" Song Example

"The Stand" Song Example

"This is Amazing Grace" Song Example

Playing in Different Keys

Now What?