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Exact Studio Charts
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Studio charts are revolutionary. They are based off of the "Nashville Number System" that was developed for professional musicians who didn't want the hassle of reading music but needed a system that mapped out exactly what needed to be played in a song.

Guitarmann Members have access to exact studio chord charts. With these chord charts, you can play along with a recorded song, measure by measure! We'll even give you the Itunes link so you can be sure you have the right version of the song. Once you are a member, you can even request charts from any artist! Try it out with the free examples, and browse through member requests. If you would rather check out a huge free collection of music arranged for the worship setting, check out the Free Worship Music page. 

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Please note that these charts are chord progression charts only, which do not include lyrics or melody lines. Each chart is a personal representation of a song, created by listening to a song and has not been derieved or copied from any published material. The artist's name is credited whenever possible. These charts are completely free to the public and are only intended for private study, scholarship, or research. If your intentions are otherwise, please do not proceed further into the list of charts.
SongKeyArtistItunes link
Glory DefinednumbersBuilding 429        link
God of WondersG (capo 3)Mac Powell        link
How Great is Our God
C (capo 1)
 Chris Tomlin
Made to WorshipC Chris Tomlin        link
Made to WorshipG (capo 5)  Chris Tomlin        link
Majestic DLincoln Brewster        link
You Never Let GoBMatt Redman        link
You Never Let GoG (capo 4) Matt Redman        link

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