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 "After trying various online courses and even the so-called 'Number One Rated DVD Course,' I stumbled upon Stephen Mann's website.  I have to say that Stephen Mann's "Guitarmann" course is hands down the best.  His teaching is simple and practical.  The lessons are short and to the point.  He wastes no time in getting down to the essentials.  In a short period of time, my playing has improved by leaps and bounds.  Additionally, Stephen Mann made himself personally available to assist through Guitarman Support quickly replying to any questions that I had about the course and about buying a guitar.  His years of expertise are an invaluable resource.  I am delighted to say that that this is a course that I would recommend to anyone who is serious about learning to play the guitar."
Steve G.
Guitarmann Member

 bob kauflin
Bob Kauflin
Author of WorshipMatters and Director of Sovereign Grace Ministries

"First of all, I was impressed that Stephen takes the time to personally answer emails. I've been playing my guitar for 20 years, and my prayer was to some day make the church worship team. I was very blessed by this web site. It is very easy to go through and pick out the lessons you want to work on. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced. I like the advice and encouragement that Stephen gives throughout the site. The quality of the video lessons and the site are awesome! By the way, I just made the church worship team, thanks to Guitarmann's help." 

Rick R.
Guitarmann Member

Hands down, this is the best worship guitar instruction I have seen. Geat Job Stephen! God Bless...
Bill C.
Guitarmann Member

"I just wanted to thank you for your site.  You are an awesome teacher and I wish I had found your site years ago.  I feel like your simple lessons have taken my playing and my "musical knowledge" to the next level.  I love that you broke things down into simple ideas; for example, I never bothered to think about the notes, etc on the guitar because I was content to just memorize and play the chords.  Now, I feel like I understand how chords are formed and how they work together.

I played the violin for 8 years as a child/young adult, so I can read music, but I didn't have the full understanding of how it all translated to the guitar. I have always been one to play "by ear", not troubling myself to find out the "WHYs". Now I feel like without even intending to, I have stumbled on this know how.

So thanks for creating such an accessible site. Your love for music and God shines through. It's been a gift to have the access to such wonderful worship. Have a good one."

Ruby W.
Guitarmann Member

First I want to say I am loving the online classes and learning so much.  I have taken a few other online classes and by far your's is the BEST.  I am starting the Electric Series this week. Just finished the essentials.
Stephen L.
Guitarmann Member

Stephen, thanks for offering incredible lessons at an affordable price.  I am just really happy right now and I had to write something.  I have improved my playing and learned more in two months than I had in the past years of local lessons and playing on my own.  I have been trying to play for 20 years and never understood strum patterns, chord families or how guitar chords are formulated.  I didn't understand how to use chord charts either.  Now I understand all these things and it makes a world of difference.  It all makes sense now and I am able to move forward toward being a proficient musician. Thanks Stephen you are the Man!  You are a great teacher and exactly what I needed.  I will continue with the lessons and hope to lead the praise songs for my Bible study group soon.  Thanks again, this is the best investment I ever made toward learning to play guitar.  Thanks, 
Tony K.
Guitarmann Member

One of the things I really want to thank you for is how you explain the guitar in a way that even a child could follow. I really like that because you teach in a humble way and I can learn from that...Some really cool things are happening in our small church and you are playing a part in that by helping me to become a better guitarist.
God continue to bless you,
Alan Z.

"I have been able to read music and play an instrument for 38 yrs. I self taught and have played guitar off and on for 35 years, most avidly over the last 8 years as a worship leader. This is the first time I've truly understood how the Chord Families actually are put together and work. Thank you for opening my eyes!"
Lisa B.
Guitarmann Member

"I have had 4 teachers over my many years of trying to learn and no one ever approached teaching the way you do.  I feel comfortable and am able to understand what you are talking about in a way that it will stay with me and not just go in one ear and out the other.  Already I have picked up tips and tricks that I never knew even though I had played guitar with teachers before.

I appreciate the ease at how you are teaching me and I feel as though you are right here in my home with me encouraging and helping me to get it right this time.  I also want to make mention that the simple way you are teaching me to strum.  No one ever taught me that.  It seems my right hand needs to communicate with my left to make beautiful music and I have been very uncoordinated in this.  

I am excited and hopeful! Hopefully I won't be a Guitar Zero for much longer!!
Thank you and God Bless you."

Michelle S.
Guitarmann Member

Thank You so Much.   This web site has meant so much to me.  Since I've been learning with you, I have been confident enough to take my guitar to prayer meeting to lead in some worship, bring it on trips to visit in nursing homes and even write a few songs that I've shared at women's retreats and in church.  Those are things that I never would have done before - knowing only a few chords.   You have a great ministry - and God is using it.  
Judy B.
Guitarmann Member

Hey Stephen, I wanted to thank you for your videos. They've really helped me. Thank you for your time and for teaching so well. I have learned the guitar solely through your website. It is an awesome resource! Many thanks again, 
Isaac G.
Guitarmann Member

I really appreciate the work you put into the beginner videos! The many songs that I have learned on your site give me confidence in my ability as a guitar player. The whole experience has been such a blessing also because I learned worship songs that I love so much. Thanks Guitarmann!
Cody K.
Guitarmann Member

"I can say without a doubt that Stephen Mann will take you far beyond your expectations when it comes to learning the guitar. As a former student, his teachings have brought me to the point where I now lead worship for several different youth events, and at my own church as well. I would not recommend anybody other than Stephen Mann."
Kyle C.
Highschool Student/Worship Leader

"I started lessons with Stephen and two years later began to use the guitar in leading our worship services. He has worked with our Contemporary band and led worship for me in my absence. He has a keen awareness of how the contemporary instruments work together for a unified sound. He communicates quickly and easily with the team and pulls the best out of each person."
Mark L.
Worship Pastor: Greenstreet Baptist: High Point, NC 

"I took guitar lessons from Stephen for about 4 years, and since then i have been in two bands and also my church band. He is an amazing teacher and is realy good with helping you figure things out that you may be having trouble with. I love just being able to sit down anytime and play guitar for miniutes or even hours."
Nathan S.
High School Student

"I was intimidated about learning guitar because I thought only people with an obvious talent for music could pick it up. Stephen's method gave me confidence to stay with it and helped me get over my fear of getting started. It's very intuitive and got me playing quickly. I'm not trying to be a rock star. I just want to play songs for my children and help them develop a love for music early in life. My lessons with Stephen have been invaluable in helping me reach this goal."
Mary M.
Guitar Student

"Stephen Mann is great teacher for those who are beginners all the way to advanced guitar players. He played a big role in my guitar playing as I started in Middle School and his method helped me as I progressed in my playing and worship leading even through college."
Adam K.
Worship Leader

"A little over a year ago, I went on a mission trip to a remote area of Belize. No one on the trip played the guitar and we had to use a CD for background music for all singing at the mission base. I came home with the intention of getting on track to be able to play praise & worship songs for mission trips or small fellowship gatherings.

I took a guitar to my first lesson knowing nothing about chords or technique. Literally within a few months, I not only knew a good number of popular chords, but also I knew techniques for figuring out nearly every chord I might come upon.
Stephen's method of teaching guitar is amazingly easy to grasp quickly, yet at the same time challenging enough to help you achieve your personal goals."
Maryanne L.
Mother of 2

"hi Guitarmann,
I'm a worship leader from Germany who stumbled across your website. I already knew very well about Nashville Number charts but didn't get them to work in my church/team. Your idea to combine traditional chord symbols with the charting technique was enlightening to me! Since then I use this method very successfully with my team and basically want to say thank you and that you made a big impact.
Marco C.
Worship Leader

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