The Best Online Guitar Lessons

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The Best Online Guitar Lessons

publication date: Dec 9, 2009

Ten years ago, trying to decipher the best online lessons would seem like a completely foreign idea. However, there are many websites now trying to convince you that they should be your top pick for guitar lessons. Buyer Beware! Here are some tips for you to find the best online guitar lessons:

1. Follow Your Gut:
Have you ever landing on one of those forever scrolling pages that looks like a 5th grader designed it. It has an unimaginable amount of useless text and pictures with all sorts of little gimmicks to get you to click. You know right off that the site seems to not be so credible, if not a scam. As huge as the online world is, it is a good idea to follow your gut sometimes. These sites that promise results and lack any sort of credibility are a waste of your time. You will get a lot of fluff and loose your money. Quality teaching should be displayed through a quality website. You shouldn't be bombarded with things you don't need and that won't really help you. If you're looking for the best online guitar lessons, skip this type of site.

2. Text or Video

Once you've narrowed down your guitar lessons search to a few reputable instruction sites, it's time to see what exactly they offer. Many sites have lots of material to read through, some of which is good information and some of which is not good information. These types of sites with lots of articles on guitar are helpful in case you need to look up the anser to a question you have, or learn a simple concept. However, they're not so great if you want to actually learn a method of how to play guitar. Apprenticeship has existed for centuries. This is where a student learns directly from watching a teacher, not just reading his papers. In order to do, you must be able to see. Narrow down your search to sites that have video, not just text. 

3. Quality, not Quantity
Now that your search for the best online guitar lessons has been narrowed down to sites that have video instruction, it's time to examine its contents. You will easily find sites that claim to have a host of videos covering all genres of guitar. At face value, this sounds like a great idea. However, this idea is the wrong one if you want to correctly learn a skill such as playing guitar. These types of site lack any type of plan or method that will walk you through everything you need to know how to play guitar in any musical situation. You will end up learning a lot of random guitar licks, instead of learning the secret behind how the licks are created. In other words, these types of sites are like buying a chord book and memorizing, rather than learning how to create any type of chord. It's like buying many fish instead of learning how to fish.

4. Fresh Content
This is one of the best ways to see if a site is alive or dead. Check for a blog, twitter posts, facebook posts, etc. Is there any indication that there are fresh updates by people who really have a passion for guitar? If there is no passion for guitar, that will be reflected in the content of the lessons. Look for passion!

5. Bells and Whistles
Some online guitar lesson websites have spent a lot of their time developing bells and whistles for their websites rather than creating solid content that will actually benefit the guitarist. Who is your favorite guitarist? How did he learn guitar? Odds are that he learned guitar from someone taking the time to show him (or her) some chords and answered questions. True passion and talent is not derived from bells and whistles.

Guitarmann has been developed with a true passion for guitar and teaching. My goal is to take you from knowing nothing to playing everything. It's important to have a roadmap to follow when you're learning something new. My method teaches you how and why things work in a step-by-step fashion. I'm here to answer your questions and keep you inspired with fun guitar tips. Learning guitar is supposed to be a lot of fun! My goal is to make guitar lesson fun and rewarding.

So lets recap. The best online guitar lessons have a quality look about them. The best online guitar lessons use video to teach and not text. The best online guitar lessons are built around quality, not quantity. The best online guitar lessons don't worry about bells and whistles, but rather focus on helpful instructional content. The best online guitar lessons have lots of updated fresh content. And although I'm a little biased, I'm pleased to say that the best online guitar lessons are found at