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publication date: Nov 11, 2009

 At last! It's finally here!


After forming a comprehensive method over years of teaching, all of the video shooting, countless hours of editing, forming a company and launching this website, I present to you the world of Guitarmann. Insert proverbial cutting of the ribbon....(hold for applause)...

So, where did "Guitarmann" come from? As a kid, I began to hear jokes that went something like this, "Hey mann; how's it going......get it?.....Mann!!...haha.....get it?" 20 years later, I still answer the question, with, "yes, I get it....that's hilarious."


As I grew up, my guitar became my hobby, and then it became part of my identity.  Now, it is my third arm.

So, years ago, I thought....why not combine my obviously witty last name with my passion. Thus Guitarmann was born, not just as a cool nickname (which to some it has been), but rather as a way of teaching and learning guitar.


My goal in teaching is to provide the straightest line from knowing nothing to playing everything.

That line crosses both practical, helpful hints as well as important principles. It doesn't veer off to one side or the other and get lost in the process. The best musicians have a good balance of street smarts and book knowledge, and one doesn't get in the way of the other.


It's gotta be fun! It's gotta be rewarding!

So, my goal is for this to be a community. I want to help you learn guitar and learn about the artistry of it. I will constantly update the site with lessons, song examples and charts.


I will be blogging about performance, worship leading, and gear. I will be answering questions from you as much as I can. This is my passion and I can't wait to share it with you.