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Short Cut Welcome

Check out what is in store with the Short Cut Series. Guitarmann has teamed up with Kyser Capos with an exclusive series that is a short cut to playing guitar. You'll be playing songs within only 5 simple lessons. The Short Cut Capo makes chords extremely easy to play since they require only one or two fingers.

This series is perfect for the absolute beginner who just wants to play a few songs and have fun learning the basics of guitar. You will receive a Short Cut Capo (retail value of $24.95 - continental US only) when you purchase this series, and you'll receive 3 months access to these videos. 









First Things First

In this lesson, you'll learn the first few things you need to know when you play guitar. You will learn about how to hold the guitar, how to position your left hand for playing chords, and how to position your right hand to strum correctly.

These simple tips will set you up for success as you get started. The next lessons in this series will show you how to play a few chords, how to strum, and ultimately how to play songs within a few lessons.









This Series is included in the Guitar Subscription. Once you join, you will have unlimited access to all 4 guitar series plus the entire archive of weekly lessons covering all styles of guitar and many worship songs.