Login Problems

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Login Problems


Users have reported that logging in on the bottom left panel is successful. Also, some users have reported using the browser Internet Explorer. Using an alternate browser such as Firefox remedies the problem.

If this is true for you or you are experiencing difficulties in any way, please email us so we have a record of the problem and can address it.


Guitarmann's platform developer is upgrading some components which is causing difficulty for some members in logging in successfully. Members have reported being bounced back to the homepage. This is the first time this problem as happened in the years we've been operating.

This is not a password problem, so please don't reset your password. This is a platform issue that is being addressed.

If you experience this problem, please send an email to support (at) guitarmann.com so we have a record of whom it is effecting. Include the browser you are using and if you have any success on a different browser.

We apologize for the inconvenience but are working on this as a top priority. Don't hesitate to email us with questions or progress reports.