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3 Month Full Access Gift Certificate

Give the gift of Full Access!


Short Cut Series: Gift Certificate

Give the gift of learning guitar. 


PDF: Bar Chords

open up a world of chords


PDF: Building Chords

Learn how to build every chord that exists


PDF: Cut Capo

learn the chords for a cut capo



learn the most common alternate tuning


PDF: Transposing with a Capo (with quiz)

learn how to turn one key into another with a capo



learn capo options for any key


PDF: The 5 Major Scales

learn all 5 major scales


PDF: Modes

solo to different genres of music


PDF: Complement Chords

all 5 charts on complement chords within each major scale


PDF: Chords Outside of the Chord Family

add unique chords to your song


PDF: Chord Progression Maps

learn which chord comes next in song writing


PDF: TAB for Difficult Chords

see how to play difficult chords


PDF: Changing Keys

learn how to change keys in the middle of a song