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Understanding Studio Charts

Studio Charts

Using a Cut Capo

How to Use a
Cut Capo

Glory Defined

"Glory Defined" by J. Roy of Building 429

Our God is Greater Electric Parts

"Our God is Greater"
Electric Parts

Clap Strum

Clap Strum Technique

Low D Slide

Low D Slide Technique

How Great is Our God

"How Great is Our God"
Beginner Ver. (Tomlin)

Like a Lion

"Like a Lion"
(David Crowder)

Say Say

"Say Say"
(Kristian Stanfill)

Where the Spirit of 
the Lord is

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is (Chris Tomlin)

From the Inside Out

"From the Inside Out (Hillsong United)

Come Now is the Time to 

"Come Now is the Time to Worship"
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"After trying various online courses and even the so-called "Number One Rated DVD Course,"
I stumbled upon Stephen Mann's website.  I have to say that Stephen Mann's "Guitarmann"
course is hands down the best.  His teaching is simple and practical.
" --Steve G.

"I feel like your simple lessons have taken my playing and my "musical knowledge" to the
next level.  I love that you broke things down into simple ideas; Now, I feel like I understand how chords
are formed and how they work together." --Ruby W.

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